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Since last autumn, I collect in Belgium, in the western part of the Ardennes. There, I found several complete trilobites at different places. I am still working on them , so first of all her is a list of the trilobites I found.I am not sure on the names, because there is not that much literature on that part of the Ardennes. If there is anybody, who has better information, please contact me.

ard003: A place, where the brachiopodfauna leeds me  to the middledevion ( Ahrdorf-Schichten)

Ceratarges armatus
Cornuproetus cornutus
Geesops sparsinodosus (length 5 cm)
Leonaspis elliptica
Otarion ranunculum
Otarion ceratophthalmum
Proetus cuvieri
Radiaspis radiata, (length 1 cm )

ard004: middle devonian
Scutellum I only found a pygidium, but it is a beautiful one

ard005: middle devonian
Phacops latifrons ?

ard006: late lower devonian (emsium) or early middle devonian. I found an asteropyge/metacanthina type trilobite

ard007: Vireux. middle devonian. The site is closed, but there is a lot of material in several collections.
Asteropyge stellifer

06. November 2000 Info: