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For the last 15 years, I spent a lot of time in the german part of the Ardennes, the Eifel. I found several complete trilobites at different places. At the moment, I spend most of my collecting time in Belgium. In the Ardennes, I found several trilobite parts from the middle devonian. A picture of a phacops is published on Eric Lemoine's Page(Picture of the month August 1999) I do not know the exact name. Any help appreciated.

Here you find an overview on the trilobites of the Eifel-Ardennes region.

Gees/Gerolstein(eif001). A very famous site with excellent material. Now closed by government. I found some specimens in formewr times any did some trading. middledevion ( Ahrdorf-Schichten)

Geesops schlotheimii and Proetus cuvieri together
Geesops schlotheimii(1)    (2)

Otarion ceratophthalmum
Otarion balanops
Otarion unguloides
Otarion ranunculum

Proetus granulosus
Cornuproetus cornutus

Leonaspis elliptica

Radiaspis radiata

Ceratarges armatus (1)     (2)     (3)

Blankenheim(eif005). middledevonian. Ther are often new places to find some material, beacuse lots of houses are build there.

Dechenella verneulli

Prüm(eif008). This site is lower middle-devonian. There is only very poor trilobit material there. I was lucky to find a complete Methacanthina perforata (outstreched!) last week. There are only 5 complete specimens known from the Eifel. I also found a complete Otarion(cyphaspis) spec. and several heads of Phacops erebeus and parts of Ceratarges armatus

Daleidener Muldengruppe(eif007). There are several sites in that region, where lower devonian material can be found. Complete trilobites are extremly rare. I do have the following

Arduennops micheli
Kayserops kochi

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